Before heading out on the bike, know your route, know the road conditions, and dress to be seen by other road users. Ride safe and have fun!

Riding in Groups

When riding in a group, extra precautions help keep everyone safe. Be sure to:

  • Listen to ride leaders
  • Be predictable; use hand signals and verbal cues
  • Bike in good working order; have ability to repair or get picked up
  • Obey traffic laws
  • Know the route
  • Have water and snacks

Local Road Conditions

Check out the following links for information on road conditions in our area:

Safety Tips and Quizzes

New York State Cycling Laws

Details of state laws for cyclists.

COVID-19 and Group Rides

We encourage people who join club rides to get vaccinated if they have not already done so, but we do not require proof of vaccination. People who join our rides are encouraged to consider their vaccination and health status and take such precautions they deem appropriate, including refraining from drafting if unvaccinated. Riders are encouraged to bring a mask in case of a stop at an indoor location with mask requirements.