Tuesday Night Races

Road Races

Coordinator: Dave Heck

These events are not promoted by the FLCC and they are not (officially or unofficially) affiliated with any person, shop, club or other organized entity. They are effectively a spontaneous cycling event in which each rider is responsible for his/her own actions and their consequences. This is important to know, since there are many possible hazards involved in participation on these rides — bike racing can be a dangerous activity. Many club members and their friends participate on Tuesday nights; they are all responsible for their actions individually.

Training rides start around early-mid April as weather allows; check the email lists for details. These rides are not races, but are spirited rides with experienced racers offering tips. For those planning to race later in the year, this is the perfect opportunity to learn about pacelines and race etiquette at a reasonable pace. It is highly recommended that new racers attend these rides before coming to the races later in the season. Start time is 6:00pm. Lights and reflective gear are recommended in April as the rides may be ending near dusk.

On the first Tuesday of May, the races will begin. We meet at Rite Aid at East Hill Plaza and roll out at 6:00pm. Races alternate routes between hilly and flat each week. The hilly routes are around 20-22 miles long, and the flat routes consist of two separate race laps of about 10 miles each. The group will casually ride to the starting location (possibly splitting up to facilitate commuter traffic passing). Racers will self- select into an “A” or “B” group depending on ability; sometimes a “C” group forms as well. There are no prizes, and nothing at stake, so safety is the primary concern.

Cyclocross Practice

Coordinator: Glenn Swan

When the Tuesday races end in the fall, that time period becomes cross training at Swan Cycles. Riders show up around 5-6pm to do multiple laps. These rides generally end in the dark, so come prepared with a set of lights if you intend to ride to them.