Community Engagement


Starting in the fall of 2016, the FLCC began partnering with the Tompkins County Highway Department in their Adopt-a-Highway Program. The club maintains two sections of county highways: Ringwood Rd. (between Ellis Hollow Creek Rd. and 553 Ringwood Rd.); and Midline between Ringwood and Irish Settlement roads, starting August 1.

Armin Heurich coordinates the cleanup events, which typically happen on a Sunday in October and April. This is a great opportunity to clean up some of our favorite stretches of road in the county and build good will in the community.

Volunteering is only a modest investment of time, usually two to three hours, and volunteers work in teams of two or three.

Make a Difference by Offering Your Feedback on Infrastructure Proposals

The FLCC keeps tabs on transportation infrastructure projects and proposals that would have an impact on cyclists. We will alert you when important projects in Ithaca are up for consideration, and we will make sure that FLCC representatives will be in attendance at Board of Public Works meetings, Common Council meetings, and any relevant Tompkins County Legislature meetings. Let’s work together to promote a more bicycle-friendly region!