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Why Join FLCC?

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Finger Lakes on two wheels!

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Join weekly club rides

The first two rides are offered without obligation to non-members; after that, we request that you join the club to participate in further rides. We have group rides for members of different interests and abilities including the Women's Wednesday Rides, Saturday rides, Sunday rides, and occasional slow rolls.

Meet others who like to ride

By joining our group rides, you will meet people from all walks of life and people of all ages, who are interested in the wide gamut of cycling, from casual slow rolls to touring, racing and cyclocross. 

Improve cycling skills and proficiency

Group rides are a great opportunity to learn group riding skills, pacelining, effective communication, hillclimbing strategies, cadence, nutrition and hydration.

Participate in special club activities

The FLCC organizes annual tours, social gatherings, slow rides, and fun volunteer activities like the adopt-a-highway program and valet parking at the annual Cayuga Sound Festival at Stewart Park.

Join club-sponsored clinics

Occasional clinics address bike handling, basic bike maintenance, and group riding skills.

Support bicycling in the Tompkins County community

The FLCC partners with Bike Walk Tompkins to effectively advocate for improved cycling infrastructure, including bike lanes, improved intersections and shoulders, rail trails, and increased traffic enforcement. We weigh in on county and city road improvement projects and participate in the ongoing Dryden Rail Trail committee meetings.

Enjoy discounts on club merchandise

All club merchandise is discounted for members, including jerseys, jackets and mirrors. Storefront coming soon! 

Receive discounts at local bike and sports stores

See our list of local bike shops for details on discounts for club members.

Join FLCC's Ride with GPS club account

As an FLCC member, you are eligible to join the club's RideWithGPS account, which gives you access to paid features and members-only content.

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