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Local Road Conditions

Temporary Conditions

Notices about temporary conditions such as road closures, construction, and so on.
A. Indian Fields Road is freshly stoned from Ledyard south to County Line. (Reported on 8/10/2019)

B. Sills Road is freshly stoned from Route 34 to where it continues as Holden Road. (Reported on 8/10/2019)

C. Yellow Barn Road, there are 3 new sets of speed bumps on the North (downhill) side where it becomes a 30mph zone, one above Ferguson and 2 below before the 2nd stop sign at Corn Crib. They are not smooth, and likely treacherous when wet. There’s plenty of room to get around them on a bike. (Reported on 8/27/2019)

D. South Road and Yaples are freshly stoned. South Road becomes pavement at McCormick, where at the top of the downhill sign. The entire downhill portion is pavement. (Reported on 8/18/2019)

E. Harford Road is stoned, but there's been enough travel that it's rideable. (Reported on 8/29/2019)

F. Freeville Four Corners bridge replacement
The $3.9 million bridge replacement project at the junction of Routes 366 and 38 is underway. Fall Creek Road to Peruville Road. A temporary walkway allow cyclists and pedestrians to cross the creek at the bridge site going north toward Farrell Road and Groton.  The project is scheduled for completion this winter.

Standing Road Conditions

Information about dangerous road conditions and intersections. Local authorities will be notified of these conditions along with requested remedies.
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